smart manufacturing

In our previous blog about industry 4.0 we discussed smart factories. We got a couple of responses. Many of them where questions so we decided to bring a bit more light into the buzz word tunnel. What are we having today? Today many manufacturers produce very large quantities. Economies of scale are important is the [...]

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industry 4.0

One of the "new" buzz words around is industry 4.0 - It creates some specific hype in manufacturing because the industry starts talking about smart factories. The term refers to no less then the fourth industrial revolution. As in all previous industrial revolutions experts expect an increased living standard, more efficiency and better productivity. little history [...]

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transformer stations for offshore renewable wind energy

From February to June 2013 we've been involved in the construction of one of the first converter platform for offshore wind energy. The project was made for Since it is a rather unusual project we've often had to explain it to clients, partners and future customers. We just came across a youtube video from a [...]

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