We are proud to work shoulder to shoulder with our clients, sharing our knowledge to deliver sustainable results. Here are some nice things clients had to say about us.


Project realisation

“Michael’s personality and people skills come to the fore when working with his clients. He doesn’t just present a restructuring plan to the boss, he works with the people on the shop-floor. He builds relationships with them and overcomes their fears, concerns and objections, which the boss is often quite unaware of, so they buy-in and successfully deliver the plan.”

Colin Newlyn, Consultant, New Edge / UK


Project Management for Rennicks, Ireland

“When Ireland’s Speed Limits went metric in 2004, a major project arose to replace over 60,000 Speed Limit signs across Ireland. Rennicks replaced approx 32,000 of these and Michael project managed this for Rennicks. It was a very complex logistical operation with dozens of different products and delivery locations – all to be completed in 8 weeks. Michael handled it with teutonic efficiency (and not a little humour!) and was a significant contributor to our successfully delivering the project – under budget and ahead of schedule. Top man!”

Frank Murphy, Sales Director, Rennicks Sign Manufacturing / Ireland 


Logistics for trans atlantic reed boat expedition

“Michael is a high-energy, likable person. I have watched him solve almost impossible problems with his people and logistics skills. If I had 20 professionals on my bus, Michael would be one of them.”

Ken Hayes, President, Aqua Survey, Inc. / USA


Business Development for MTS International

“Michael is a great strategist and constantly comes up with new business ideas. He knows how to allocate resources efficiently and is able to get projects going successfully.”

Hagen Sinapius, Partner, MTS International / UK