mgc (gb) ltd. is running for 10 years now and we consider this the right time to start our companies history page. Have a look at our key milestones during our first decade.

  • 2005 start of company as freight forwarding agency in Dublin, Ireland
  • 2006 offering consultancy services to freight forwarders and construction industry in Ireland
  • 2007 large project management engagement in the US
  • 2008 mgc moves to London, two days later Lehmann Brothers filed for bankruptcy
  • 2009 increasing consultancy activity in Germany, mainly in manufacturing and construction sector
  • 2010 mgc acquires partner ltd
  • 2012 we miss half of the London Olympics because we fight ERP Systems and manage material flow projects
  • 2013 involved in delivering converter platforms for the offshore wind industry
  • 2014 mgc was in charge of logistics planning to build a research station in Antarctica

Thanks to TravBuddy the following map shows all countries where we have been involved in projects so far.