interconnected traffic

How many hours do you use your car per day? Half an hour, three hours, ten hours? – The rest of the time it is just parked and therefore basically in the way. How often in your live have you been angry about people parking on double yellow lines and slow down the traffic in [...]

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the other use of parking meters

I’m sure you’ve seen the news a couple of weeks back about the latest German invention. In Bonn, the old West German capital the city council introduced parking meters for prostitutes in an attempt to tax the world’s oldest profession. The ticket will be around £5.30 per night and like real parking meters it just [...]

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txt eagle

I came across txteagle just two weeks ago. After a bit of research I realised that the Economist had an article about them half a year ago, please find the link attached. Here’s a short summary. The basics: Three quarters of the mobile phone users worldwide live in developing countries. In those countries, access to [...]

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