MGC played only a small part in the construction and finishing of the “Giants of the North Sea” as SiemensTV called the offshore converter platforms. Please have a look at their short video to see the entire scale of the project before you continue to read our case study.


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MGC were involved as project coordinators in the construction of the offshore converter platforms HELWin alpha and BORWin beta. MGC coordinated the commissioning phase as well as site acceptance tests.

The challenge:

MGC arrived at a late stage in the project. The converter platforms had been nearly finished. We were involved in the nitty gritty last weeks of the project. The biggest challenge was the coordination of many different contractors from different cultural backgrounds to reach the deadline day.

What we did:

First of all we got involved / set up various meetings and sources to collect / sort / channel information about the project status. Some of the meetings had been small and involved different Siemens departments. Others where much bigger and included various subcontractors and representatives of the customer. All the meetings focused on the following project milestones:

    • installation and pre – commissioning tests
    • sub – system tests
    • system and acceptance tests

MGC developed and coordinated detailed commissioning plans, recorded the project progress and synchronised demand with resources. Our on site analysis of technical interfaces and rating of their risks was an important tool for the project management. We were entrusted with integration and implementation of open issues, chances and risks of the commissioning tests.

The result:

The platforms arrived at their final destination in the north sea. HELWin alpha left the dockyard two weeks before scheduled. MGC would love to claim the fame for that but we’ve just been part of an excellent Siemens team and are proud of being involved in this masterpiece of German engineering. We were outsiders and that’s why we were able to communicate differently and manage processes in a diverse way. Our experience in dealing with different cultures helped negotiations with international subcontractors.

If this case study is a little bit too dry please have a look at our blog about transformer stations for offshore renewable wind energy and watch the short video summary.


Company facts:

Siemens is active in around 190 regions, occupying leading market and technology positions worldwide with its business activities in the Energy, Healthcare, Industry, and Infrastructure & Cities Sectors. They employ 370,000 people and run 290 major production and manufacturing plants world wide.