The relationship between you and your suppliers is critical for your business success. Good logistical planning can therefore make all the difference to ensuring you have the supplies you need when you need them and the monetary rewards can be substantial.

That’s why we set out to help you achieve the perfect logistics chain, integrating warehousing, material handling, transportation, information and timing into one structured process.

MGC has a number of successful strategies that will help get the best out of your business, for example, by focusing on shortening the time between receiving invoices from suppliers and getting money from your clients. In the past we’ve decreased that period from 3 months to 6-8 weeks, freeing up approximately 35-50 per cent of our clients’ money. Our work on a logistics concept for Solar World Group, Germany, saved the company €5,000,000 so why not see what we can do for you.

See how we can help with process improvementmanufacturing solutions as well as organisational efficiency and effectiveness.