What is Lean Manufacturing?

Lean manufacturing is a production practice. It is a logical collection of methodologies and tools, which will lead to greater cost reductions and efficiencies improvements. The aim behind it is to retain the same value (production output) whilst reducing the work input. Lean manufacturing techniques work only if you can minimise waste, optimise material flow and increase flexibility.

What are the benefits of Lean Manufacturing?

The following improvements can be achieved:

material flow and warehousing

    • reducing of inventory levels
    • faster responding times
    • eliminating of down times
    • decreasing of storage space
    • improving of material flow
    • improving of information flow

manufacturing and operations

    • increasing production output
    • reducing of equipment down time
    • improving product quality
    • using factory and warehouse space more efficient
    • reducing of changeover time
    • faster set-up time
    • safer work environment

One of the main success factors for lean manufacturing is reliability. If processes aren’t reliable than there will be waste and therefore you can’t be lean.

If lean manufacturing is implemented correctly companies can expect cost savings in double-digit percentage numbers.

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