Welcome to our manufacturing toolbox. Below we describe different cases and how you could easily improve them on your own. The table below works like this: find a problem, set a goal and find out the benefit. Click on the goal link and we will show you in a brief summery how to spot the problem, how to analyse it and how to do implement some action against it. Feel free to contact us if you have any specific questions or if you want suggest a topic which should be on the list.


Problem Goal Benefit
missing material for production or installation lasting material availability material at the right time, the right quality and quantity, at the right place
material movement is too complicated material flow analysis discover week spots and improvement potentials
too much raw material or finished products are at the warehouse reducing of stock levels reducing of stock, basics for JIT / JIS delivery
quality of supplies is inadeguate and often late integration of suppliers development of long term partnerships, integration of suppliers, reducing of procurement risks
wrong material in warehouse / high stock figures JIT / JIS reducing of stock, increasing of cashflow