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industry 4.0 – the big picture

In the past weeks we talked a bit about industry 4.0, cyber physical systems, smart manufacturing which all are part of the fourth industrial revolution.

Generally speaking the “internet of things” will be created. Every machine, products and humans get connected. It still is a vision and experts think it will take the next 20 years to materialise. The following video is provided by SiemensTV. Siemens is showing their competitive advantage (and quite rightly so) but the video shows also the possibilities and the big picture behind industry 4.0.

If you have special questions about industry 4.0 feel free to post a comment and start a discussion.

transformer stations for offshore renewable wind energy

From February to June 2013 we’ve been involved in the construction of one of the first converter platform for offshore wind energy. The project was made for

Since it is a rather unusual project we’ve often had to explain it to clients, partners and future customers. We just came across a youtube video from a German Television Station (DW-TV) which explains in plain English: the project, the goals and provides you with some nice pictures of German engineering.


We hope you’ve enjoyed the video. If we could be of any further assistance please feel free to contact us.