industry 4.0 – the big picture

In the past weeks we talked a bit about industry 4.0, cyber physical systems, smart manufacturing which all are part of the fourth industrial revolution. Generally speaking the "internet of things" will be created. Every machine, products and humans get connected. It still is a vision and experts think it will take the next 20 years [...]

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cyber-physical systems

Today I'd like to continue to talk about the future of manufacturing. In recent blogs we described what industry 4.0 means and how smart factories work. In both articles I mentioned a lot technical expressions and talked about computer chips which are responsible for the workflow or the organisation of entire supply chains. To make [...]

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smart manufacturing

In our previous blog about industry 4.0 we discussed smart factories. We got a couple of responses. Many of them where questions so we decided to bring a bit more light into the buzz word tunnel. What are we having today? Today many manufacturers produce very large quantities. Economies of scale are important is the [...]

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